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Coronavirus in Nigeria: 779 new cases 24,077,Brazil 46,860 new, see table

Coronavirus in Nigeria: 779 new cases 24,077,Brazil 46,860 new, see table

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The #MuslimWorldLeague is providing daily support to countries around the world to combat the #coronavirus pandemic. Regardless of faith, the #MWL is supporting government & community efforts to stop the spread of the virus. #COVID19
  • Brazil: 46, 860
  • U.S.: 39, 800
  • India: 18, 552
  • U.K.: 891

LAGOS, Nigeria- The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has confirmed 779 new cases of Coronavirus in Nigeria, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 24,077.

Out of the 24,077 confirmed cases, 8,625 patients have recovered and therefore discharged from the various isolation centres, while 558 others are dead.

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COVID-19 in Nigeria

Breakdown of the 779 new cases showed that 285 new cases were found in Lagos,  68 in Rivers, 60 in Abuja, 56 in Enugu, 47 in Delta,  42 in Ebonyi,  41 in Oyo, 19 in Kaduna, 18 in Ogun, 16 in Ondo, 12 in Imo, 11 in Sokoto, 9 in Borno, 8 in Nasarawa, 5 in Abia, 5 in Gombe, 5 in Kebbi, 4 in Kano, 3 in Yobe, 3 in Ekiti and 2 in Osun, the NCDC has said of new cases of Coronavirus in Nigeria.  

[email protected] 779 new cases of #COVID19Nigeria;Lagos-285, Rivers-68, FCT-60, Edo-60, Enugu-56, Delta-47, Ebonyi-42, Oyo-41, Kaduna-19, Ogun-18, Ondo-16, Imo-12, Sokoto-11, Borno-9, Nasarawa-8, Abia-5, Gombe-5, Kebbi-5, Kano-4, Yobe-3, Ekiti-3, Osun-2: 24,077 confirmed; 8,625 discharged; 558 deaths”, the NCDC said in a statement.

Globally, there are currently 9,882, 496 confirmed cases , while 496,075 patients have died based on statistics from the Centre for System Science and Engineering, John Hopkins  University, Maryland.

According to the centre, the United States still remains in the lead among the most affected nations, reporting 2, 501, 244 confirmed cases while 125, 435 patients have been killed by the pandemic. The U.S. reported 39, 800 new cases and 475 deaths in the last 24 hours, followed by Brazil, which has documented 1, 274, 974 confirmed cases, while 55,961 patients have died from the pandemic.

Brazil recorded 46, 860 cases and 4 deaths in the last 24 hours.

Russia, the current most affected country in Europe has reported 626, 779 confirmed cases, while 8,958 patients could not make it alive, followed by India, which has documented 508, 953 confirmed cases, while 15, 685 patients have died. India has reported 18, 552 new cases and 384 deaths in the last 24 hours.

Next is the United Kingdom which has reported 311, 727 confirmed cases while 43, 598 patients have been killed by the virus. The U.K. reported 891 new cases and 100 deaths in the last 24 hours, followed by Peru with 272, 364 confirmed cases of the pandemic, while 8, 939 patients have passed on. Chile is next with 267, 766 confirmed cases, while 5, 347 patients have died.

Spain has reported 248, 469 confirmed cases with 28, 348 deaths, followed by Italy, which has documented 240, 136 confirmed cases, while 34, 716 patients have passed on and then China, where the pandemic was first reported.

China has confirmed 84, 726 cases, 4, 641 deaths, while 79, 584 patients have recovered and therefore discharged, leaving China with 501 cases, up by 15 cases but no death in the last two days.

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