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6 problems every woman face in marriage but are difficult to tell.

6 problems every woman face in marriage but are difficult to tell.


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Everyone must get married and how much that takes depends on the type of person you are.

Richness or accumulated wealth may never determine how happy your home will be, infact that’s what causes some major set backs in the lives of some couples today

Money comes with pride. And pride is difficult to drop for anyone or any reason at anytime.

And to address an even much crucial concept that is also over looked today is how our dear lovely women find it difficult to see that the family to make sure everything augor well in the family.

Mind you as the man of the house your role is limited,there is no possible way you can compare yourself to a woman who struggles everyday for the family

And to appreciate their efforts I want us to know about some important hardships every wife endure for are husband and family.

1. The Pain of giving birth

This is the principal of all, because there is no difficulty than having to push a life out of your small body. I am sure everyone agrees to this opinion. And even if you do not appreciate women for this reason alone let’s appreciate them.

2. Raising children

Most men shy from this aspect, and indeed it is a responsibility for two and not for one, having to raise the kids isn’t the wives job alone. No

3. Doing the house chores.

If you think all the sweeping, washing and cooking is a easy work then you need to spend a a day with your wife ansmd see how difficult it is, I bet you won’t last a day.

Let’s appreciate them.

4. Having to deal with your lack of not saying thank you.

Most men don’t know how to appreciate their wives at all, it isn’t until you wash the dishes with her or do the laundry. Take your time and throw her a surprise, take her out, have fun with her.

5. She still have to satisfy your urges even when she is tired.

Most men don’t even know when to bed their wives or not, If she is tired from her chores you need to acknowledge that and accord respect to her.

6. Having to deal with your relatives.

If you know how difficult this is, then you will know that she trying many family makes life difficult for the wife but in the end she puts on a nice face and make sure everything works out fine. 


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