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13 Girly Things That Men Secretly Love But Never Tell You About

13 Girly Things That Men Secretly Love But Never Tell You About


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1. Sometimes men like to gossip. Others should know how naughty their wife is!

2. Numerous men like to go out on the town to shop. Be that as it may, – shh!

3. Entertaining dances are their thing.

4. Men solidly accept that there’s nothing preferable following a difficult day over an air pocket shower!

5. Numerous men wash their face with more than plain water.

6. They worship standing with their hands on their hips. Did you notice?

7. Men have a weakness for girlish cocktails with pieces of fruit. All things considered, they’re such dessert lovers!

8. They will use the contents of a lady’s cosmetic pack. All things considered, shower gels, shampoos, and lotions smell so delicious!

9. Men also watch romantic comedies. What’s more, to be completely forthright, now and again they shed a tear…

10. You can be sure that men won’t prevent themselves the pleasure from claiming making an extraordinary photo.

11. You think dramatic eye moving is exclusively a lady’s habit? It’s not!

12. Men also sing into their hairbrush or the showerhead. When there’s nobody else around, of course.

13. Cuddles: Men may not disclose to you this, yet nestling, as with any type of pleasant human contact, is demonstrated to draw out life and, definitely, give you joy.

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