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See How A Guy Embarrassed A Lady In A Leaked WhatsApp Conversation

See How A Guy Embarrassed A Lady In A Leaked WhatsApp Conversation


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I was going through the internet, when I stumbled upon a leaked WhatsApp conversation between a guy and Lady simply known as “AMAKA”, which can be seen at the top of the screenshot.

Their conversation shows the major problem with relationships nowadays. A lot of people, especially guys have been complaining bitterly about how our ladies of this generation are so much after money than true love. When I guy doesn’t have enough to give, they tag him as “greedy”, and when he freely gives, they think he’s a dummy.

With the screenshot of the chat below, you can see that the lady once rejected his approach, but later changed her mind because he offered her recharge card.

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After reading this myself, I felt embarrassed too because this attitude in ladies must change. It is not all the time we blame guys for some actions, because they may be doing that due to some bad experiences they might have had in their past relationship.

Some reactions on Facebook were;

Nnamdi Sylvester Ukahia si ezuzu money lovers. That is good for her and people like her.

Tonia Chizoro I can’t see myself oo. Chaii nah wetin them deserve. Yeye dey smell 🤣

Uchenna Jude: That’s the way to go.. some people self too like money.

Emmanuel Kalu Achalugo Notin wie bullet no go see for Angela okorie head oh 😂

what is your opinion on this?


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