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New Tricks Yahoo Boys May Use To Hurt You This June

New Tricks Yahoo Boys May Use To Hurt You This June


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This is a scam ALERT and it happened to me. So I’m sharing the experience to help a potential victim from falling for same.

Phone conversation went like this…

First Marketer: If you invest 100k, you will get 500k in four hours. Try it Miss… You will see the wonders of 21st century. It really works.

Me: Wow, this is unbelievable.

First Marketer: Yes, these days people don’t work for money. Money works for them. Not everyone is doing Yahoo. Many people are doing online business like this.

Me: Are you really sure about this business because I have money to invest o?

First Marketer: That’s really interesting. It means you understand what I’m talking about.

Me: Yes, I understand you quite very well. Who doesn’t understand the language of money? What if I want to invest 200k. Are you sure I will get 1 million in four hours?

First Marketer: Madam you see, you don’t need to doubt, just believe. There are many people who have benefitted from this business. I’m one of them. In fact, may be you should chat or speak with my other three colleagues who have all benefitted from this business.

Me: You mean I should just believe like that. Let me speak with one of them.

Second Marketer: Hello Miss, I am Francis. I heard all your conversations with Mr Farouk. I really understand your fears. I’ve been there once. You only need to do one thing. Just believe. That’s exactly what I did. See, this is a golden opportunity for you to become somebody in your life. 

Me: Mr Francis, point of correction. I am already somebody in life. We’re here to do business. Just go straight to the point.

Second Marketer: I’m sorry Miss. I’m just trying to let you see reasons why you should invest in this business. If you wouldn’t mind that we are wasting your time. I have another female colleague of mine here. Maybe you should speak with her.

Me: I don’t mind at all. It is money we are talking about. Please, give her the phone.

Third Marketer: Hello, Miss.., I’m Stella. I don’t need to beat about the bush. I think my colleagues have said much already. When are you ready to start with us? We will send you a link right away. Click on it and it will direct you on what to do next.

Me: Alright, Is it Mrs Stella or Miss?

Third Marketer: Miss.

Me: Ok, Please Miss Stella, you will do me a favour. Put the phone on speaker. I want the three of you to hear me.

Third Marketer: Ok.

Me: If truly that is how it works. That money keeps skyrocketing every hour. By now you people should have overtaken Dangote since you said you have been in this business for eight or nine years. Abi.

First Marketer: It doesn’t work like that. It involves strategies on how money is being released out in the business world. More so, there are some silent billionaires who are richer than Dangote.

Me: Wow, you’re right o. That’s a valid point. I think I’ll join this business.

Second Marketer: And you won’t regret it. Ehn, Ehn… When are you planning to start?

Me: Hmmmmmmmmmm, let see tomorrow morning but can I ask you all a question. Do you understand Yoruba?

Second Marketer: I’m an Igbo guy but I understand Yoruba and can speak it. I was born and raised in Lagos but my other two colleagues are Yoruba.

Me: That’s good. It means I’m free to say my mind in Yoruba.

First Marketer: Of course, but for some business principles and mutual respect, we’ll like to communicate more in English. Moreover, you speak and flow better in English.

Me: You are right. Also, I think as a Christian, it’s not unbiblical to curse people who want to hurt or cause us pain. Especially dupe us financially.

First Marketer: I can’t get you Madam.

Me: Ori gbogbo yi ti daru in Jesus name. Go and dupe your ancestors.

Phone cut from the other end.

Always be careful of all these fast money schemes, they are out there to cause you more misery. Good day guys!


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