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Don’t Say “I want to go to toilet” say this Instead and More Corrections

Don’t Say “I want to go to toilet” say this Instead and More Corrections


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English language is a nice language especially if it’s used in the appropriate manner. This issue of using the language appropriately is the problem most people experience.

As a result of this, I decided to note down the wrongly used expressions and the right expressions to use instead. So kindly read this article and note down the corrections.

Below are the Wrongly used expressions and the right Expressions to use Instead;

1. Don’t say She was naked instead say she was in the state of nature.

2. Don’t say his wife is pregnant instead say his wife is in an interesting condition

3. Don’t say my father is blind say my father is visually impaired”

4. Don’t say the man is handicapped say the man is physically challenged

5. Don’t say I want to go to toilet” say I want to use the restroom.

6. Don’t say he lied to me it is better to say he was economical with the truth.

Now that’s the wrongly used expressions in English and the correct ones. Make sure you take note and also make necessary corrections. Thanks.

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