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Businesses you can start in Nigeria and become a millionaire within months.

Businesses you can start in Nigeria and become a millionaire within months.


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I have a friend who once read an article like this and decided to try one of the business and he is really doing well in it. If you are to have a business in Nigeria, You’re to pick a business with low competition. Something that people consider useless. One thing you must know about owning a business in Nigeria, is that you have to have a plan and be organised. That is for another day, but here are some business that I believe that if you venture into it, could bring you millions.

1. Fast Food restaurant.

Fast food have become much in Nigeria so the competition is very high. This business brings lots of money, that why you see so many restaurants around you.

2. Foreign language school

3. Snack shop.

4. Newspaper vendor.

5. Owning a poultry farm.

6. Audio and video taping events.

7. Party Entertainer.

8. Owning a car wash centre.

9. PC repair.

10. Office Services.

11. Owning a daycare.

12. Owning a Computer school.

13. Starting/Owning a beer parlour.

14. Being a Consultant.

15. Being an uber driver.

All the businesses listed above need investment. You can get a loan and start the business having made a plan, make your profit and payback the loan, then the business is yours.


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