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The Bible did not say “women should not wear trousers”- It says women should not wear men’s clothing (Explanation)

The Bible did not say “women should not wear trousers”- It says women should not wear men’s clothing (Explanation)

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The issue of whether women should wear trousers or not wouldn’t have been much of a debate in some two centuries ago. But now it is because of Soo many factors. Due to the massive growth in population of new Christains, the need for new churches became necessary.

Many churches sprouted from everywhere and we now have churches in every corners. These churches that immerged, came with their doctrines and believes which differ slightly from one church to the other.

To many times, these doctrines have devides us more than it has brought us together as Christains. While some churches believe women should not preach or climb alters in some churches, others feel there is nothing wrong with that. While some feel women must not cover their hair while in church, others feel it is not right to come to church without covering her hair. Some believe in infant baptism while others believe in full emersion.

One of the greatly contended issues out of these is, the believe that women aren’t supposed to wear trousers. Before we see the biblical aspect of this, let’s see why most women started wearing trousers.

The reasons women around the world started wearing trousers;

There are so many reasons why trousers became the order of the day for women. Whether personal or collective, these are some reasons why women started wearing trousers.

1. Women started wearing trousers because they are practical; Apart from the fact that these trousers protect the legs, Remember how a woman in a skirt has to be conscious of how she sits so as not to open her legs unconsciously? This solves that problem too.

2. It allowed easy movements: a skirt can restrict your movement in many ways. Especially a long skirt or gown which is mostly prescribed by those who preach good dressing. Climbing up and down the stairs with a long gown would make you appreciate having a trouser on. It’s more stress-free with a trouser.

3. Equality: in places like the US and Europe entirely, wearing trousers represented power equality and freedom from the Restrictions- physical, social and moral-foisted on them.

4. Replacements; During the world war, when most of the men were away fighting, some women had to take up men’s job so they dressed equally to fill those empty spaces.

5. Fashion: Although this when it became generally accepted for women to wear trousers. It became most clothings you find in the wardrobe of classy ladies as it looks good on them.

“One of the most radical developments for women was the gradual acceptance of trousers, which were no longer considered either eccentric or strictly utilitarian”.

Biblical aspect:

There has been many views on this and arguements have been left unsettled each time this comes up. What does the Bible say about wearing trousers?

Here is what the Bible says;

Deuteronomy 22:5; “A woman must not wear men’s clothing, nor a man wear women’s clothing, for the Lord your God detests anyone who does this.”

Clearly here, it states that a woman must not wear men’s clothing nor a man wear women’s clothing. This also brought up another question. Would you refer to a trouser as a man’s clothing ?

If yes, then women are wrong for wearing trousers and if No, then they are right for wearing trousers.

At the time this Bible verse (which seem to be the only that talked about men’s clothing not to be worn by women) was written, There was no specification whatsoever whether the trouser was a man’s clothing. Infact men of that era wore “ROBES”. I doubt if those early men had anything that looked like a trouser.

Amaizingly, in many cultures like China, women were commonly known to be wearing trousers. I think what the scripture was trying to address then was transvertism and cross-dressing.

The pegans then dressed in different ways which were not specific. One could wear a male clothing today and tomorrow look like a female which was deceitfulness. A true identity was hardly placed on anyone even their gods.

Modesty was the key aspect the Bible was trying to address when this verse was written.

However the major issues why this has been grately contended was because of the kind the trousers worn by ladies. Often times, they’re very skinny and tempting. That’s so bad and its not right. But we can’t argue the fact that “a slack trouser with space is better than a short skirt.” Would we?

Note: The Bible didn’t say you shouldn’t wear trousers, trousers were not invoke when that verse was written. It says you shouldn’t wear men’s clothings.

Before you make your decision on this, guide your hearts with these principles.

Philippians 4:8 “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.”

Let’s hear what you think below as you kindly like, share and comment. Stay safe.

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