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Resident of Ofankor threaten to demonstrate against MP

Resident of Ofankor threaten to demonstrate against MP


*Resident of ofankor threaten DEMO Against M.P.*      

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Resident of ofankor in the GA West Municipality have threatened to Demonstrate against the M.P for Tro – BU Constituency, Hon Moses Anim for refusing to develop the constituency in terms of road infrastructure and other relevant stuffs.   

According to the residents Hon Moses Anim is the most incompetent Member of Parliament in the fourth republic and they will surely vote against him coming 2020 election  

However, A teacher at the ofankor Anglican school who spoke to the media off camera said that, anytime there’s a downpour flood takes over the school and some of the natives over the Area and when the MPs attention is drawn to the situation, he will come around watch and stair at the pictures and go back without any positive feedback from him.  

Also, Mr Aryee who lives at ofankor Lamented that the MP is very lazy and he doesn’t know his work but as election is approaching he has gone to take pictures & video of roads which have already been constructed during Former Presidents Mahama’s era and post it on social media as if he is working but when you visit the grounds, there’s nothing like that. 

All pictures & and videos of street taken by the MP does not belong to him but rather ex president Mahama .

He said that the MP only did a little patching on the road that which he’s claiming ownership of the road which he has been using it so yastic to lie to some of the natives that he constructed the road    

Mr Aryee told the media that they need a new Competent Memeber of Parliament who will develop the constituency not someone like incompetent Anim Moses  

Lastly, the angry  dwellers of Ofankor says Hon Moses Anim should be hold accountable for misappropriation of funds. He has no achievement in the constituency and due to that  We will vote him out      

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