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Good news as I received huge sum for writing articles on Opera News Hub

Good news as I received huge sum for writing articles on Opera News Hub


Opera News is an online platform that welcomes all genres of content creators to publish their original contents to a wider audience and get paid for their work. Opera News is home to some of the most finest writers in the country who are mostly freelancers, seasoned journalist and bloggers who publish their contents for Opera readers.

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Many other Nigerians are tapping into this opportunity to get a means of generating money aside their wages or businesses. Opera News Hub has witnessed many unemployed youths, underemployed individuals and students alike who has passion for writing keying into this venture to make money.

I started this journey late April and I earned a paltry sum of 4k after publishing about 15 articles. It was small, but I was yearning for more and the passion keeps burning in me to dare for more. I was very elated yesterday when I got the sum of 17k on my Opay account with Opera paying me for writing handsomely during the month of May.
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Last Month’s payment
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Of course, it keeps getting better and I am sure I will double this sum come next month due to dedication, passion and desire I have for writing and news reportage.

I see a lot of content operators lamenting on how poor they get paid for writing on this Hub. All it takes is your devoted time to make at most 5 quality posts per day and watch your earnings grow.

One important lesson I have learnt so far is to abide by rules. It is popularly said that where there is no law, there is no crime. Opera News Hub is built, maintained and facilitated around a lot of rules that must not be broken, hence you will be at the mercy of post rejections often and often.

I had a lot of problems during by early days when I joined. Mostly, I see contents around and just copy and paste it with little editing. But opera has taught me a means of looking up to the internet, make research, brush my vocabularies and write objectively.

As a content editor, please you need to familiarise yourself with all these rules, from the beginning to the end and watch your earnings grow wide. Also, you need to do well to write quality articles devoid of errors and grammatical blunders.

Opera has a way of distributing your articles for consumption of the readers by some algorithm machines but still, you need to implore your readers at the end of your post to share your contents to their friends and loved ones on other social media platforms.

Also, Opera in a recent announcement sent across content creators on their dashboard revealed that monthly revenue will be based on the value of your total clicks, article originality, quality of your account and time reading on posts.

With this new rule, you get to earn more if you write a lengthy yet quality articles free from errors and blunders. It is advised that content creators should try and preview their articles very well before sending them for publishing and make use of attractive (not click baits) headlines, to capture the mind of readers so they can fully consume your articles and make comments.

Lastly, if you are a content creator and earning less and less. Don’t freit, just try and improve your writing skills and make enough research before publishing a post. Focus on specific genre where you have adequate knowledge. Don’t just write on anything you lack knowledge about.

All in all, it is your level of commitment that will determine how far you can go earning on this platform. I wish you happy earning.

Do you find my post educative and interesting? Drop your comments below on what you don’t understand about the system and I will reply promptly.

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