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Basil (Akuko Besa): Health benefits and its medicinal use

Basil (Akuko Besa): Health benefits and its medicinal use

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Health benefits and medicinal use of Basil (Akuko Besa)

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The sweet basil plant is branched, slightly hairy, and very aromatic. It grows in open waste lands. The flowers are purplish or pink. The strong and pleasant odour is a typical characteristic of the plant.

Medicinal use

  • Helps in relieving gas from stomach or intestines and stimulates appetite.
  • It is used to treat the affected mammary gland. strengthens and gives tone to the stomach. 
  • It helps in the removal of mucous secretions from the bronchial tubes. Protects the alimentary tract and relieves inflammation. 
  • Can be used for the treatment of diarrhoea, dysentery and even constipation. 
  • Treat bowel complaints in children. 

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How to use

  • The leaves are used to cook delicious soups and even stews.
  • For all other complaints listed, the boiled leaves (decoction of the leaves) is to be used.
  • A syrup can be prepared from the root for the treatment of tuberculosis of the lungs. 
  • The decoction of the leaves can be applied as a compress on the nipple of the mammary gland while mother is breast feeding. This is to treat the affected gland.

Akuko Besa (sweet basil) is very good and beneficial to humans, even some Ghanaians believes that it keeps evil spirits away.

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