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All The Short Codes You Need To Know As An MTN Network User

All The Short Codes You Need To Know As An MTN Network User

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It’s 2020 and MTN is still the market leader in mobile telecommunications in Ghana. One of the questions you guys have been asking us here at Mfidie is the shortcodes for the various services that MTN offers.

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The truth is that MTN offers a lot of services, and you can be forgiven when you forget some of the shortcodes.

For us here, we are always updating you on the latest Shortcodes for all MTN Services.

Shortcodes help you subscribe, unsubscribe and access services on MTN Faster.

Here is the complete list of MTN Shortcodes:

MTN Shortcodes for Ghana

Find the full list of all MTN Ghana shortcodes in the table below:

MTN Shortcode Description

*134*PIN# Recharge Airtime

List / De-activate all MTN Services –

MTN Free After 1 (MTN Nkomode) *315#

MTN Free Call 6 months Offer *550# (New Subscribers)

*455# Accurate weather forecast (8p/SMS)

*124# Balance enquiry. Che your credit balance.

*140# Blackberry Plans

100 Call Center

**67*02XXXXXXXX*11# Call Divert when busy

**61*02XXXXXXXX*11# Call Divert when no answer

**62*02XXXXXXXX*11# Call Divert when Unreachable

1355 Caller Tunez

*156# Check your MTN mobile number

##21# Deactivate C Divert

**21*02XXXXXXXX*11# Divert all Cal

*511# Generate Mobile Mone ATM token

*300*20# Get cool joke

MOVIES to 1412 Get Silverbir movie sched

*138*3# IDD Package

*138# Internet Bundles, SM bundles

*138*1*1# Internet daily bundle. From 20MB – 350

*138*1*3# Internet monthly bun From 300MB 10GB

*138*1*5# Internet soci bundle. For Accessing Twitter, Facebook

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