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5 Shocking Murders That Got Ghana Mourning For Months

5 Shocking Murders That Got Ghana Mourning For Months

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Life on the surface of the Earth was never mearnt to be permanent. Although believers and non – believers of religion have both sought to explain on their own sentences what actually constitutes the meaning of life.

Today, this article soughts to bring you 5 most shocking murders that hit Ghana in times past and got the country in total mourning.


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Fennec – Okyere was brutally murdered at his residence at Manet Gardens on the Spintex road in Accra. This occurred on March 13, 2014, he was 31 years of age as at the time he was murdered.

Fennec’s murder occurred on the background that a few weeks before his death, he had revealed to the press that some men were threatening to kill hom because of he not siding with MUSIGA on some issues on rights holding of the Ghana Music Awards.

An Accra Central District Court in January 2018 set Bulldog free from allegations of murder of Fennec.

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Before he died Fennec was the artiste manager of Kwaw Kesse. His death caised massive outrage in the Ghanaian Showbiz industry.


On Monday, 29th May 2017, Ghana was thrown into a state of shock and mourning after a military soldier on duty, Capt. Maxwell Mahama was lynched by some residents of Denkyira – Obuasi on a suspicion that he was an armed robber.

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Even though the details and circumstances surrounding his death wasnt entirely clear, some reports say thay he stopped to ask for directions, and when some locals spotted a gun, they assumed he was an armed thief and the attention of the entire town was alerted. Mahama was set upon by the crowd and stoned to death, some reports say he was burnt partially.

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The Ghana Police acted immediately and arrested seven suspects, who were all identified through a smartphone video that circulated throughout the country. Many other were also picked later for investigation.

Since then no significant headway has been made in the trial after 3 years on.


On January 16, 2019 Ahmed Hussein Suale, a Ghanaian investigative Journalist who had collaborated with BBC, was shot dead near his family house in Accra.

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Ghana Police believed he was assassinated because of his work and some investigations he had carried. Some witnesses to the crime told BBC they daw the men hanging around the junction on several occasions in the week before his death.

The men, one tall and stocky, the other short and wiry, leant on their motorbikes or chatted with neighbours to pass the time. One neighbour said they seemed suspicious. Anothe said she thought they were robbers. But nothing was stolen from Hussein Suale and no one close to him believed he was a random target.

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He worked with Tiger Eye, a highly secretive team led by the famous Anas Aremeyaw Anas an undercover journalist in Ghana. In Ghana and beyond, the team’s daring, anonymous reporting made them heroes and also made enemies as well.


This happened in an era before social media was a thing. A man who inspired saints amd inspired criminals alike, the man was simply called Budo.

In the mid – 90s, Kumasi went into deep shock accompanied by mourning when they woke up the name BUDO was a trend. Every young man wanted to be like him, those in Kumasi knew him Kumasi Budo or Buokrom Budo.

It was rumoured he could stop traffic and collect money from drivers and shared money to kids. It wad said that when you were robbed and you report to Budo, your things would be returned to you.

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Budo was the Robinhood of his days, he was a symbol of uprightness and an embodiment of positive defiance.

Budo met his end when he was shot dead by his uncle one afternoon for allegdly bringing the name of the family into disrepute. It was further allegde that the man had been spiritually fortified against all forms of bullets so his uncle used grains of rice as ammunition to claim the life of a hero.


This practically should not qualify as a murder case but however we can call its as one considering the nation hype it gained at the time of his death that he was poisoned.

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A sad story of the death of a young man a few weeks after his wedding to a beautiful young lady broke the internet in early 2015. It was reported that three months after his wedding the guy had suspicions regarding the lady’s promiscuity. In order to have evidence for winning a case, he downloaded a call record app into the lady’s phone without her consent. He did that to track her wife’s conversation with other guys.

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Each time he asked what at all she was listening on her phone she use sermons as a cover up. The man who happened to be the bread winner of the family died at very unforeseen circumstances and at a very young age.

Surprisingly his wife wasnt present during the time of his funeral. Kofi’s death opened the eyes of many Ghanaian youth and created a divided opinion as well.

This article is indeed a sad one, it is also not meant to remind Ghanaians of their sorrow and grief born during this times.

We pray the Good Lord keeps them in his blossom. Kindly say a word of prayer for them in the comment section.

Thank you very much for reading this article.

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