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Ten (10) Foreign Countries That Speaks Yoruba Language (Details Here)

Ten (10) Foreign Countries That Speaks Yoruba Language (Details Here)


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It is quite very surprising to know that it is not only Nigerians that speak Yoruba language, the language is being spoke in other countries as well.

According to Wikipedia, Yoruba is the most widely spoken language outside Nigeria and Africa. It’s been estimated that there are over 40 million Yoruba primary and secondary language speakers across the globe. 

Yoruba language is the language spoken by the people from the south western part of Nigeria which includes Osun, Oyo, Ogun, Ekiti and ondo. The language is well spoken in some African countries and in European countries.

Due to the slave trade across the world and other factors, the Yoruba tribe has been able to touch far and wide places around the globe thereby spreading her root in different part of the world.

Hence, the purpose of this article is to expose us to foreign countries where Yoruba language is being spoken as part of their language.

1. Brazil

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Brazil is one of the countries where the Yoruba language is being spoken. The country has a history of Yoruba migration into the country as far back as the 1950s.

Also, a son of the former Alaafin of Oyo was captured and sold as slave to Brazil but later on, he was able to find his feet and became a king in Brazil known as Dom Oba II up till today.

Brazil in 2018 made Yoruba an official language in the country and the country has the largest number of Yoruba indigenes.

2. United Kingdom And Wales

According to history, the British masters known as colonial masters are the ones that colonized Nigeria thus making it possible for Nigerians to move into the UK easily. it is worthy of note that Yoruba indigene are of high population in this country. 

Meanwhile, it is an additional advantage for anybody that can speak Yoruba to get recruited to the British Police. 

3. Caribbean Island

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It might sound funny but Yoruba language is widely spoken in the Caribbean island up till date. Moreso, Music entertainer Tar Ukoh popularly known as Masimba once said the Yoruba in Carribean still play and enjoy their traditional Yoruba songs, masquerade and other cultural activities done by the indigenes who has no root to Yoruba in Nigeria.

4. Liberia

In Liberia, it is estimated that about a minority of 24,000 people speak Yoruba in the country.

In Liberia, the Yoruba speaking side are referred to as Aku. There are Insinuations that the Yoruba people might have migrated to the country as far back as 600AD.

5. El- Salvador

The country located in the North America axis is one of the countries that fancy and speak Yoruba language a lot. 

The country is part of the countries where yoruba salves are taken to during those days of slave trade. The country houses a lot of Yoruba culture like masquerading, youruba cultural song, Bats dance, egungun festival and lots more.

This particular country do exactly what is done in Yoruba land. They worship Sango, God of Thunder (Xango), Iyemoja, God of Water (Lemanja) and other Yoruba Traditional practice.

6. Sierra-Leone

Sierra Leone is a west African country not far from Nigeria. The country boast of Yoruba speaking indigenes who have been there for years. This was possible through inter-country border trade popularly done by the Yoruba’s. The Yoruba are also called Aku in the country.

7. Cuba

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Cuba which happens to be the second smallest country in the whole world also home Yoruba indigene in the country. 

It is mostly spoken in the black side of the country. 

8. Benin Republic

Benin Republic is one of the closest countries to Nigeria in terms of distance and cultural heritage. One of the well respected feature which has characterized Benin Republic is the growing influence of Yoruba language, culture and tradition in the neighbouring west African country.

Moreso, four years ago the Benin republic government officially recognised Yoruba as an official language in the country.

9. Togo

The ifè (Togo) section of yoruba is spoken by about 90,000 people in Togo. The language is well and fluently spoken in the city of Atakpame as a result of migration by a section of the yorubas from ija-oku the former Dahomey into the Togolese territory.

In terms of landmark, Atakpame has some similarities with Ibadan and Abeokuta with the presence of Rocks, mountains and ancient buildings.

10. Bahia

Bahia is a state in Brazil, Yoruba is one of the most widely spoken languages in this state. 

It is historic because it houses the pelourinho, the building where the Yorubas and other slaves from other western countries were kept before they are been dispersed to their merchants in the 17th century. 

Other countries that speaks Yoruba are Ghana, Gambia, North America and some European countries.

If you find this writeup to be informative, comment and share to your friends to know how rich this culture is. 

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