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Remember Nora In The Thundermans, See How She Looks Like After 7 Years

Remember Nora In The Thundermans, See How She Looks Like After 7 Years 2d

We all know Nickelodeon Hit Series The Thundermans and The Thundermans have two sets of twins, fraternal twins, the first borns and first set of twins are Phoebe and Max, and the second set of twins, Nora and Billy

Nora has superpowers and Nora’s superpower is Heat Vision, she is known for being the toughest of the Thundermans and also for her bows that she wears all the time.

The Thundermans was released in 2013, which means Nora was 9 years when she started acting The Thundermans. Nora’s real name is Addison Riecke.

Addison Riecke is an American Child actress and musician, she started acting at the age of four, but was brought to the limelight when she acted in the Nickelodeon Hit Series The Thundermans. Because she acted in the thundermans at the age of 9, the actress has aged a lot and looks different from the Nora from 2013. I’ll describe her changing from Cute Nora to Sexy Nora, not only did she become sexy but her face changed, she looks thinner

Am i wrong? Let’s see what you guys think about this beautiful actress and see maybe your opinion is different from mine

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