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See Karate Kid Pictures From Age 1 to 20 Years, His Life Story and Transformation

See Karate Kid Pictures From Age 1 to 20 Years, His Life Story and Transformation 1d

See Karate Kid Pictures from age 1 – 20 Years, His Life story and Transformation

It is said no matter how mighty you are a minor thing can bring you down. Jaden Smith popularly known as Karate kid hasn’t just fallen to the minor thing but also deviates from the major thing.

His life story is a brief one in which almost everyone will wish for it’s starting up but never pray for it’s ending. Karate kid was born on July 8, 1998, to a popular Hollywood actor Will Smith.

His career wasn’t given the chance to be jeopardized due to the initial influence of his parents and family. He chooses to be a rapper, songwriter, and actor like his father.

His first acting scene was in “The pursuit of happiness” where he acted alongside his father. He is always a wonder child full of passion and vision.

His fame erupt globally when he was featured in the Jackie Chan movie “Karate kid” where he was the protagonist and the main role player.

Everyone loves him, I love him then.

After the Karate kid movie. He turned away from acting and wish to balance in his music career. He raps along with popular rappers in the town and that’s where the minor problem started.

Check out his photos from age 1 – 20

This age of 20 was the beginning of his transformation. Due to his outstanding wealth and income, he starts making decisions for himself and at that age felt he could control his world.

He left his father’s house in 2019 to a 4million dollar house. He deviates from acting completely and started the pursuit of a sound career in music.

Well known to the world of a music career is the disastrous lifestyle. He couldn’t resist it and feel into the bad influence of his new career.

I am sure he must have been into drugs cause if not I wonder how my handsome Jaden smith (karate kid) will transform into some kind of Zombie.

His fans including me couldn’t just stop staring at him and wish to be told “No this is not your Karate kid”

The guy f*ck up big time

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