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Reasons why you should stop eating noodles

Reasons why you should stop eating noodles 7h

One of the most popular fast food in Nigeria is the instant noodles. The indomie, cherry, Supreme etc. It is saddening that most persons do not know the dangerous consequences of this food that is being consumed daily. The side effects are as follows:

1. Instants noodles leads to excessive weight gain mostly in the tummy and the face. This is due to the fact that the food is filled up with fats and sugar.

2. It may lead to high BP. Yes you heard me right. Continous consumption of noodles leads to high risk of contracting HBP.

3. According sources, it may also leads to rectal cancer. Yes thats the cancer of the small instestine. This is due to alot of metabolism it causes in the stomach due to it chemical compositions. mostly the Monosodium.

4.It leads to dizziness and nutrient loss. Most people who consume excesive noodle always feel dizzy and tired. The eyes becomes droppy. The reason is that the noodle contains no nutrient as only fat and water is what it contains. Once you eat it, only the stomach is filled up. The hunger is still there.

5. it hasten aging process in the body. Thereby, increasing rinkles and other aging features.

6. Since it takes a long time to digest, it leads to digestive problems.

7. It does not contain essential nutruent that your body needs.

The human body requires vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to function and work properly. Without these, the person who consumes alot of noodles would have a higher risk of becoming weak and developing different illnesses. Instant noodles either have very minimal contents of these nutrients or none.

After reading this, are you still going to continously eat noodles?

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