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Maybe there are lies in the covid19 cases in Nigeria all along

Maybe there are lies in the covid19 cases in Nigeria all along 8h

Maybe there are lies in the covid19 cases in Nigeria all along

Everyday, the number of discovered case continue to rise so also is the death rate, there is no certain cure for it yet and correct vaccine has not been found. Yet we are loosing the fear of covid19.

I then ask myself repeatedly, to what do we give the kudos of our newly found immune to coronavirus on which we thriving because I know we still fear death, especially in Southwest. Then what seal the surprise package for me is the arrival of a craftsman for paint application to Oshogbo from Ibadan, when our state’s borders suppose to be closed!, I am shocked that we no longer fear coronavirus.

I took a tour to see with my own eyes what is happening in town about awareness and precautions that people are taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus, but I came back home shock the revelation of what I saw, at the market place in ota-efun, the buyers and sellers are going about their normal business without nose covers or social distancing, the same thing in ayetoro. In Oshogbo, the supposed be state capital,where the laws enforcement should start.

Even elites are now implying that there is a game behind the coronavirus cases in Nigeria or what should we call the observations of people like Obasanjo and AIT founder.

If it continues to be like this there will be a time when the total populace of Nigeria will be coronavirus positive yet, we will not be sick. Which will be ridiculous.

Market are now back in place, with what is observed earlier interstate traveling is ongoing, life is almost back to normal except the presence of nose covers that serve as the souvenirs of what shake the world but education and the process that it entails are now looking as the aspects that is shouldering the consequences of covid19 in the Nation.

But to complete the question of the title we have to ask if the virus is here at the first place, if the rate of it spreading reach the level at which it is taken or was it exaggerated?. By the standard of all we have been told and saw in other countries we should be taking it too lightly.

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