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How do i get smaller waist and larger hips?

How do i get smaller waist and larger hips? 2d

Having a small waist is dream for lots of people

most of our ladies look up to this feature as it is believed to make them look more attractive and catchy to the sight

It’s not easy to have a small waist but i will give some tricks to get a tiny waist !

Let’s start :

If you want to have that super small waist then exercising alone is not enough !

Doing 1000 set_ups a day , 10 minutes of Plank , Russian twists , etc…. Is not enough to give you the hourglass shape !

Getting a small waist is related to the Low Body Fat too !!

You can’t get that small waist with a 25% _ 30% body fat !

Decreasing body fat needs the right Diet .

Here is the trick that will help you as a female to get that tiny waist ! :

Look at this picture :

Did you get it ??

This shape is an integration between the Low body fat and the wide well defined Hips !

It’ an illusion game ! This is something that you maybe haven’t noticed before !

Getting a Low body fat is not enough too !

Here is another example :

Both of them have a narrow waist and somewhat Low body fat percentage !

But in the first pic that girl has wide hips , which are not found in the second pic !

The first girl seems that she has a smaller waist than the second girl , although the second looks skinny and with less body fat !!

This what i mean by an Illusion game !

So we have 2 points to focus on :

1_ Having low body fat :

And this is happens because of the right , healthy diet and lifestyle .

2_ Having a wide , well defined hip :

And you can get it by working out ( weight training is the best for this purpose in my opinion cause it will let you control your muscles size which is really important here )

I hope that was useful ?

if you find this write up useful,

“i could use a comment”

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