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Avoid embarrassment by stop calling it Shito, it is very wrong see the correct name to call it

Avoid embarrassment by stop calling it Shito, it is very wrong see the correct name to call it 2d

So many are not mindful with the English they speak so we should be extremely careful with the way they speak English language each and everyday, we all understand that English is not our genuine tongue and everybody have different kind of respective native languages.


Shito may be a extremely popular sauce that’s popular in Ghana. It consists of kpakpo green shito peppers, and it’s often used as an accompaniment to fish dishes or kenkey. it’s also eaten with steamed polished rice, fried plantains, green vegetables, eba and waakye (a dish made up of rice and beans). Shito is especially popular and consumed in Ghana. 

Its dark brown color is extremely appetizing and presage deliciously spicy flavors. Young Ghanaians often eat the spicy condiment rather than ketchup. The Ghanaian thick sauce also can be eaten simply with bread or spring rolls.

 Shito is additionally very fashionable among students within the country because it can often be bought premade, is reasonable and allows you to eat quickly and simply at college. In supermarkets, there are versions that are more or less spicy. Shito means “spicy” in Ga, one among the languages of Ghana spoken within the region of Accra, the capital of the country. within the remainder of Ghana, black pepper is named shito or shitor din. The shito recipe also can be wont to marinate meats or fish, are often used as a vinaigrette, spread, topping for barbecue dishes or dip for french-fried potatoes.

 it’s not uncommon to seek out it on a cheese board rather than the standard chutneys. In Chinese restaurants in Ghana, shito replaces the standard Chinese hot sauces and is eaten with Chinese fried rice or steamed rice. It is also utilized in fish and seafood soups also as in rice dishes as a natural flavor enhancer. Ghanaian shito 

To avoid embarrassment the original name for is HOT PEPPER SAUCE

In your closet or when you are in your various homes you can call it SHITO but when you are in a more civilized area you can be unique and different by calling it HOT PEPPER SAUCE


The preparation of the shito begins with the frying of red onions in oil, the sweet taste of this sort of onions goes particularly well with chili peppers. Garlic, ground green chili peppers, grated fresh ginger, thyme and diced kpakpo shito peppers are then added. Everything must fry a couple of minutes before being moistened with tomato purée. chicken stock is then added until the preparation becomes a reasonably dense paste. 

Dried shrimps and smoked fish powder also are added. You shall continue the cooking for forty minutes, stirring continuously to stop the preparation from sticking to rock bottom of the pan, during which case it’s going to become very bitter. 

When the sauce turns a shade of a really dark brown almost black and therefore the oil rises to the surface, shito is prepared. It can then be kept refrigerated for one month in sterilized glass jars

Health Benefit Of Shito

• Makes you Feel Great

• Kills Hunger Pangs

• Adds Flavor To Normally Boring Meals

• Speeds Up Metabolism

• Fights Colds

• Improves Inflammation & Helps Reduce Pain

• Contributes to Longevity

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