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Things Men Secretly Pay Close Attention To In Women

Things Men Secretly Pay Close Attention To In Women 1d

There is a belief that men do not pay attention to small details and only see things that are on the surface. The fact is that they usually worry about things that women don’t even think about. And, of course, it is good to know these things so that you can use them to your advantage.

These are some typical details that men usually notice in women, according to experts.

1. Facial expression

It is completely wrong to think that men cannot read from emotion: during evolution, all men have acquired this ability to distinguish friends from enemies.

It happens that men do not only notice obvious signs, such as tears and smiles. They also see the insincerity reflected in their cold eyes and a slight disappointment in their squeezed lips.

The ability to read faces gives them the opportunity to understand what women want before they even know it. This non-verbal (speechless) communication can even excite men because it helps them feel special.

2. The color of the costume you prefer

The trick is quite simple. Everyone knows that colors influence our mood, our emotions and our appetite in different ways. Red symbolizes energy and passion; black symbolizes elegance, reliability and shyness; pink symbolizes warmth and delicacy.

So when a woman chooses a certain colour to go out with her boyfriend or husband, she subconsciously sends signals about her mood for the night, and her partner’s intuition is likely to have taken this into account.

In addition, there is something like a colour personality type that divides people into 4 categories. It is worth knowing this type of people when meeting new people, because you can learn a lot about their character from their appearance.

3. Whether or not you sing in the shower

When you take a shower, you’re alone. We’re calm and we’re not shy. Our stress level decreases and our brain starts producing dopamine, causing a feeling of pleasure. In those moments, we want to sing about our state of mind, be it good or bad.

In fact, this kind of behavior helps a person to “reboot” and relax, even if they know someone is at home. This is good because if we feel that we can’t show our emotions for a long time, it affects our psyche, which can cause stress and lead to fights and arguments.

No wonder men pay attention to this because it helps them to imagine and process their partner’s state of mind, which will help them and the future of their relationship.

4. The way he writes

Only the bravest of us feel comfortable simply showing our emotions and discussing our feelings. Most of us (especially those who are used to dropping tips) try to do so even without eye contact. Text messages are a space where women can reveal their true feelings and are usually more sincere and men know it.

This is why men try to decipher all the signals they receive in messages and follow how often, why and when women write them texts.

Here is another interesting fact: the linguists say that the words we use say a lot about our character. Frequent phrases like “I think, I feel” mean that a person is focused on themselves. If a man always tries to convince himself that he is sincere by using the words “bet, believe”, he may lie. It is easier to come to an agreement when it comes to sending text messages, so people who are used to this method use it successfully to judge the other person.

5. The drinks she prefers

White wine and seafood, gin and tonic with friends, red wine under stress. The preferences in drinks, as well as in food and clothing, can say a lot about a man.

Some men pay attention to this to know what to ask next, and others do it to discover the current state of mind of the person they love. Men also notice whether women drink because they like the taste from time to time or are dependent on it.

6. The clothes he wears to impress

Yes, men pay attention to their clothes. They don’t care about brands, the latest collection, or price tags. But they’ll always be attentive to their sense of elegance, style and sexuality.

Based on the way she is dressed, one can also determine a woman’s attitude towards a certain boy: if she goes out with a boy in a nice dress with perfectly made hair, she is probably very interested in that boy, but if she doesn’t mind and comes with her everyday clothes, it is probably a bad sign.

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