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People Of This Tribe Dig Out Their Dead Family Members To Celebrate Their Lives

People Of This Tribe Dig Out Their Dead Family Members To Celebrate Their Lives 2d

This Tribe Digs Out Their Family Members Once In A Year To Celebrate Their Lives

In some countries this might be unathourized, illegal or even called witchcraft but in lndonesia, in the city of Toraja, residents bound to portray this as a normal activity. When a person dies, we believe it is the end of their life and others can not stand to see them anymore as they get buried forever, well.. things are not the same in lndonesia, its a place you would at one time wish to visit and watch this ceremony.

As we do not normally celebrate the birthday of our deceased loved ones, be it a sibling or friend, for we only have the memories of that particular day. Torajans decide to dig out their loved ones from the grave, clean them properly, dress them, and stand them somewhere near the living family and have fun together with them in essence of together forever jolly. This is normal according to them and there is nothing wrong with doing so since they still feel connected to their passed on loved ones and even though they are no longer alive. They believe the ancestry is still within and celebrating their birthdays or anniversaries would mean more respect and everlasting love among them, it even indicates that even death can really never take them apart. Wonders in the world shall really never end.

Would you dig out someone you loved but passed on to celebrate their lives?Give Your Answer

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