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Best Of The Best: 20+ Military Parade Stunts That Look So Unreal.

Best Of The Best: 20+ Military Parade Stunts That Look So Unreal. 1d

If you have watched a military parade, you will agree with me that it is one of the beautiful and phenomenal activities in our modern World.

It is simply breathtaking, from the uniform colors they fly, to the uniform marching, it’s a great sight to see.

But what even makes it more special and great are some of the stunt that the soldiers pull off.

In countries like India, they are know for some unbelievable and unreal bike stunts that without a doubt, nobody should try at home.

In France, their Bastille day parade is also not lacking in stunts, and is it the US, trust me when they march they also add their own bit of stunts.

In this article, I bring to you a compilation of some of the very best military parades stunts that look so unreal.

Let’s fire away.

Bike Stunts.

There may be no other parade stunts as risky and dangerous as this one, but on the other hand, there may be no other stunts as beautiful as this one.

Performed majorly by India’s military.

Gun Roll.

This is another beautiful display usually put up, and in the first picture below, if you are the guy passing through, without a doubt you’ll be scared.

The US Marines are the best at these.

Jet Fighters.

What would make a parade more complete, than the display and stunts of fighter jets. Unfortunately, seeing it in pictures is not enough. You will have to see a video, or see it live to fully appreciate it.


Now you know, that there are very few things as beautiful as watching parade stunts.

Hope you had some fun with these pictures.

Let’s know what you think about them in the comments section.

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