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Batman: 10 Real-Life Cars That Look Like The Batmobile

Batman: 10 Real-Life Cars That Look Like The Batmobile 2d

We’ve felt inspired to take a look at real-life cars that look like the Batmobile and here are the 10 most fascinating ones.

While Batman isn’t the only superhero well-known for his vast fortune and wealth, he is one of the few heroes who’s commonly associated with the vehicle he patrols the streets in while fighting crime. The Batmobile is one of the most famous cars in comic book history and for good reason, as few other automobiles are as intimidating, visually striking, and downright awesome as the legendary vehicle.

With the Batmobile sporting a much more realistic look in Matt Reeves’ upcoming The Batman, we’ve felt inspired to take a look at real-life cars that look like the Batmobile. Here are 10 real-life cars that look just like Batman’s Batmobile.

10 BMW i8

The combination of blue, black, and grey just screams Batman with this BMW. Few real-life cars offer such an ideal color palette that perfectly represents the various looks of Batman over the years. The smooth and corner-less design for the body gives this car a futuristic look that only further boosts its similarities to the Batmobile.

This vehicle’s unmistakable and unique design gives the Dark Knight’s car the dramatic appearance it needs to strike fear into the hearts of his enemies.

9 Aston Martin CC100 Speedster

While this car may appear a bit too dated for the more recent versions of Batman and his famous ride, we think it’s an ideal representation of a more modernized take on Adam West’s goofy, but classic Batmobile. This car makes excellent usage of its flashy yellow trimmings, evoking the same color Batman uses on his costume from time to time.

While this is a car probably more likely to be found in Tony Stark’s garage than the Batcave, we still think it earns a spot on this list for its callback to the early days of Batman.

8 Nissan Bladeglider

Right off the bat (pun intended), the scissor doors on the Nissan Bladeglider add a visual flair to the car that reminds us of the pointy ears Batman wears on his suit’s cowl. The eccentric design, paired with the open roof convertible look, draws comparisons to 1997’s Batman & Robin and the over-the-top Batmobile seen in that film.

Let’s just be honest, the Bladeglider already sounds exactly like some sort of gadget or vehicle Batman would keep in his arsenal. It’s a match that’s meant to be.

7 Maybach Exelero

Of all the vehicles Batman has used over his comic book, animated, and film history, the Batman The Animated Series Batmobile holds a special place in our hearts. This Maybach Exelero takes us back to the days of our childhood and watching one of the best looking Batmobiles being driven by one of the best Batman ever.

The stretched-out body of the car combined with its low ground clearance and plate-like rims makes this car an ideal real-life comparison to the animated series’ Batmobile.

6 Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

Batman is no stranger to Lamborghinis, as seen in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, and this car could surely find a space for itself in the Batcave. The Sesto Elemento’s bold and sharp design elements bring to mind a more modern take on Gotham’s hero, while the stylized hood on the car could even serve as a canvas to showcase the iconic Bat Symbol.

While not as hefty and armored as most of the other Batmobiles, this car could still serve as a more speedy and elusive version of the vehicle.

5 Bugatti La Voiture Noire

This Bugatti expertly combines graceful curves with precise edges, giving us another top of the line, world-class vehicle that looks like it could easily be confused for the Batmobile. If we saw this thing speeding by us on the highway at night, we would certainly do a double-take.

The beautiful tail-end of the vehicle with its extended brake lights is what we really love about this car, reminding us of a futuristic take on the Dark Knight or something you might see in Batman Beyond.

4 Hummer

Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns and Christopher Nolan’s Batman saga as a whole both did excellent jobs in reimagining what audiences picture when they think of the Batmobile. Doing away with the over-the-top sports or concept car looks of the past, the world was introduced to a Batmobile that is more comparable to a tank than an automobile.

The classic Hummer, mostly used for military purposes, is a flawless representation of what Miller and Nolan were going for with their takes on Batman’s car, focusing on applicability over style.

3 Lamborghini Vision GT

The Lamborghini Vision GT has a spread quad-tire design that reminds us of the Batmobiles from Arkham Knight and Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. While it lacks the armor plating seen in those versions of the vehicle, this car has a very similar look, especially to that of the Batmobile in Batman v Superman.

The wing-like spoiler, elevated tire chambers, stretched headlights, and low-to-the-ground body makes the Vision GT a top contender for real-life cars that look like the Batmobile.

2 Morgan Aeromax

One of our favorite Batmobile’s of all time is the version seen in Tim Burton’s Batman and Batman Returns. With its concave style engine compartment, stretched-out body, and bubble passenger cabin, the Morgan Aeromax reminds us so much of that Batmobile.

While certainly not the most flashy or eye-catching car on this list, the Aeromax earns its spot because of its unique and classy look that is able to evoke similarities to one of the most cherished Batmobiles in Batman’s history.

1 Lycan Hypersport

This car is an appropriate fusion of style and looks, with armored-mass and intimidation. It catches the eye with its sleek and futuristic design, trendy spoiler, and unique taillights that remind us of the Batmobile in Matt Reeves’ upcoming The Batman. While the bulky tires, metallic paint finish, and heavier-set body plates give the vehicle a more realistic composition.

Combining these two elements makes the Lycan Hypersport stand out amongst its competition, giving the car a bold and striking visual appeal that meshes perfectly with its muscle and imposing design.

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