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Random jokes and picture that might make you laugh

Random jokes and picture that might make you laugh 1h

Make una laugh small

1. The joy of having a Yoruba neighbor is that everyday Saturday is party, but they quarrel ; just run for your life

2. If you think your boyfriend don’t know mathematics, just tell him you’re pregnant. That is when you will be seeing the meaning of pure calculation

3. Never be ashamed if you fart while urinating, there no rain without thunder

4. It’s not easy survived in Nigeria o! Someone online wants to sell fridge without down for me he is convincing me to use curtains

5. After this lockdown ,I will just sell my bed I don’t think I can sleep again this year

I have finish my sleeping bundle

6. I want to buy socks and you are asking me weather is the one for leg

No! Give me the one for eye

7. Ladies eh, which one is baby you have not sent me my corona gift

8. I thought I have seen everything in life not until when I saw an albino lady using bleaching cream

My sister do you want to be invisible

9. My friend stop masturbating, who knows if the wasted child can invent phone that can browse for free

For those who see this and won’t comment and share

The kind of thunder that will strike you is doing Chin up

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