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Latest news in Nigeria. Saturday, 25th, April 2020

Latest news in Nigeria. Saturday, 25th, April 2020 1h

The virus has infected nearly three million people worldwide 

Recent estimates from Johns Hopkins University in the United States show that the number of confirmed cases of COVID19 worldwide is 2,809,979. The number of casualties reached 197,162 thousand, while 793,838 were cured. The United States has the highest number of infected people, with 905,333, followed by Spain with 219,764, and Italy with 192,994. 

The number of infected people in Nigeria is 1095 — NCDC

1. Two police officers dismissed from the force

The Nigerian police have fired two employees in Edo and Osun state for misconduct on the job. The footage on social media showed two police officers fighting in the state. A tweet from police said they had investigated the behavior, and found that they were not innocent and had been fired.

2. Gunmen killed two people in Sokoto Reports from northwest Nigeria’s Sokoto state say at least two people have been killed by gunmen in a raid on six villages in the New Kingdom’s capital city of Gobir. The blast happened Thursday morning to Friday morning, a member of the East African Community told the BBC.

3. Zamfara State has been hit by an outbreak of corona virus 

The first cases of COVID19 have been reported in Zamfara State in northwestern Nigeria, according to the NCDC. The agency said on Friday that 114 more cases have been reported in the last 24 hours, with a total of 1,095 cases, including one in Zamfara State. According to the figures, the disease has now spread to all 28 states, including the capital, Abuja. More than half of that number was found in Lagos State, according to the NCDC. 

4. It is not true that we have called for a shutdown of all Nigeria – NGF 

The Nigerian Governors Forum, in English, has said that they have never announced the closure of all of Nigeria for 14 days. The group’s chairman Kayode Fayemi described this during a chat with the ‘African Independent Television’ media on Friday night. He said it was a suggestion that they compare the federal government. Fayemi said the plan has four branches that include: 

1. Limit travel from one state to another within 14 days. 

2. This restriction shall not apply to the importation of essentials such as food, crops and medicines

 3. Reducing restrictions on state and state requirements according to each state’s needs and requirements 

5. A judge has detained 33 people for violating Nigerian immigration laws

 The magistrate of the Magistrate’s Court in Port Harcourt, southwestern Rivers State, has said that 33 persons who had not pleaded guilty were arrested after they were charged with violating a curfew to prevent the spread of COVID19 in the state. The judge also said they would have to be tested for corona until the court hearing their bail application. The other defendants pleaded guilty to five charges and were immediately ordered to pay nine days in jail. There are also a number of women businessmen who have been hiding in a truck and are also suspected of crimes. They are said to have entered the state from Anambra State. 

6. There is no Coronavirus testing facility at UCH, so don’t come for a checkup with us – Chief UCH The medical university for Vashti Ibadan, UCH, has announced that it has no testing facilities for Covid-19.

7. Oyo Rejects 1800 ‘Infested And Unhealthy’ Bags Of Rice Donated By Nigerian Government


Oyo State Government has rejected about 1800 bags of rice donated by the Federal Government through the Nigeria Customs Service to the state as part of COVID-19 relief material.

The government said the rice is infected and unhealthy for consumption.

Executive Adviser to Governor Seyi Makinde on Agribusiness, Dr Debo Akande, made this known on Friday shortly after the state committee on distribution of relief materials and palliatives paid an inspection visit to the warehouse were the grains were kept.

Akande stressed that after taking delivery of the donated rice, a quality control inspection was carried out repeatedly and the donation has now been rejected.

He however, noted that the donated rice would be returned to the Nigeria Customs Service with the hope that it would be replaced with good quality ones.

8. Imo has introduced legislation to fight coronavirus 

Imo State Governor Hope Uzodinma has signed a bill to fight coronavirus in his state. By doing so, Uzodinma said anyone who disobeys the government’s rules for the disease will receive the following punishment. He said the rules include showers, a hand sanitizer, a stay at home, a stop in the dgz crowd will help prevent the spread of coronavirus infections. Uzodinma appealed to the Imoans to assist the government in preventing coronavirus by obeying these laws. Remember that the Imo state is one of the states that have never had coronavirus in Nigeria.

9. Corona Virus should not prevent Muslims from fasting – Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has said that Muslims should not take the plague of COVID19 as an excuse not to fast during Ramadan. President Buhari said this in a message posted on his Facebook page, saying that he is congratulating all Muslims on this holy month. However, Buhari warned them to not fasten to the traditional customs of fasting during Ramadan, such as during the day or at the dawn. He said that people should eat and conduct prayers individually or with their families in their homes.

10. Deaths due to malaria may be higher this year – WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced that the number of people who will die of malaria due to Coronavirus disease is likely to be lower in Africa. Of the 400,000 people who are killed annually, 90 percent are from Africa. A new report published by WHO says at least 30,000 people will be killed by a mosquito-borne disease.

WHO says there is an international epidemic in Africa because Coronavirus disease will not allow health care workers to send medicine and mosquitoes to those who need it. He says this could result in more deaths due to malaria, a type that has not occurred since about twenty years ago. He then urged the international community to do their utmost to ensure that war and pestilence reached those who needed it.

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