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7 Ways To Know If Your Husband Has A Side Chick

7 Ways To Know If Your Husband Has A Side Chick

1.) Perfume Variations: If your man comes back smelling different from the fragrance he wore before going to work or leaving the house it means he us upto something else.

2.) He starts keeping sudden late nights, he always tells you baby I am stick in traffic I am hanging out with my friends it means he is mostly likely into something.

3.) Doesn’t eat at home again either before leaving house or when he comes back he always avoids your meals claiming he ate at his friend’s or in the office

4.) Budget Deficit, your husband is on a salary of 180k but he can’t account forĀ for how he miraculously spent 100k of his salary.

5.) Lack of trust your husband would rather give the guard his phone to answer than to allow you answer his phone calls or go through his phone, a clean relationship should be void of trust issues.

6.) Constant Traveling : No promotions, no new businesses yet your husband always travels frequently giving flimsy excuses that’s prompts the need for him to travel.

7.) His office is off limit, don’t include your woman in you business but let her know the business, if your husband doesn’t allow you visit him in the office even during emergencies then somethings is wrong somewhere

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