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Coronavirus in Akwa Ibom State: what may befall Akwa Ibom in the next 2 weeks

Coronavirus in Akwa Ibom State: what may befall Akwa Ibom in the next 2 weeks 2h

Many people were shocked yesterday when the Nigeria Center for Disease Control reported 5 fresh cases of coronavirus in Akwa Ibpm State.

These were the first reported cases from Akwa Ibom and to some people it was surprising but to me it was not.

In fact, I am sure that the figure is inaccurate because of no availability of test kits to conduct test.

If you are someone that visited Akwa Ibom within the past few days you will agree that it is the most vulnerable state right now.

I was in Akwa Ibom for few days ago and I can remember how many times I was laughed at for wearing my face mask and going around with my sanitizer.

It was surprising but then I sat down to check the reason for this ignorance and it dawn on me that accurate information was not dispersed.

The governor of Akwa Ibom State, HE Udom Emmanuel was doing virtually nothing towards sensitizing the public on what to do.

Even the commissioner for health was nowhere to be found, the average Akwa Ibom person was of the opinion that coronavirus or kaduna-virus as they called it will only stop at Lagos and Abuja.

To make matters worse, some of the youths who are probably on the payroll of the governor refused saying the truth and anyone that tries raising alarm over the nonchalant attitude of the state government towards covid-19 was being sacrificed and called a blackmailer.

Akwa Ibom is a state were you can not speak against the governor else you will be seen as a blackmailer by his PAs and SAs. If you search on social media you will surely see posts that were made by Akwa Ibom people complaining that the governor is doing nothing, you will also likely see his aids attacking such persons that made such posts.

As at Tuesday, 31st March, the people of Akwa Ibom State were going about their normal business, churches were having tarry nights and mid week services.

The famous market in the state capital, Uyo called Itam market was in it numbers as over 2000 sellers went around their normal business.

When I saw this, I was scared to my bone, and I told someone that Akwa Ibom State may become the next Italy.

Except the state government gets up immediately and put all needed mechineries to work immediately, Akwa Ibom may certainly outnumber Lagos in coronavirus cases within 2 weeks if tests are being carried out.

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