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13-year-old boy locked himself in his room for 3 weeks and you won’t believe what he was doing

13-year-old boy locked himself in his room for 3 weeks and you won’t believe what he was doing 4h

Family was so worried about their son who was just disappeared out of the blue, they searched everywhere and they asked his friends if they didn’t see him but they all said no they didn’t see him. His room was locked but that didn’t raise any concern because he always lock his room when he is going out with his friends.

They ask all of their relative but loyiso was nowhere to be found, at that point the family had no choice but to call the police. The police started a search. The police searched for the whole week and seven days but the young man was still nowhere to be found. The police suggested that they should now use dogs in hunting this young man and they told the family members to brace theirs selves in case they find him dead.

The police then needed one of his clothing and the family of this young man told the police that his clothes are in his room which is locked,the police had no choice but to brake in, in order to find at least one peace of his clothing so they can proceed with the search.

The young man heared that they are trying to brake in and he shouted “what with the noise? Im in the middle of my prayer here”.All the family member were so happy to hear that he is still alive . The young man came out of his room and yelled ” it’s now over” his mother asked son what are you talking about? he replied “mama i have been watching you trying by all means to take care of us, working over time only to get paid R500 a month but you managed to take care of all of us, now it is over i told god everything, itold god that our father left when i was just only 3 months old to live with another woman ” the whole family including the police started crying.

This is the massage for all the fathers who left their wife and their kids to suffer, this is the massage for all the fathers who are not taking care of their family and this is the message for those women who prevent their husband from take care of their kids. Please share this massage and leave a comment below

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