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Eric Igbedion Agboegbulem Family Speak In Their Father Death In The Hotel With A Prostitute

The case of the death of Sir Agboegbulem have raise a concern on social media, there are so many blames on the family and the girl in question too.

Finally, the family have come out to speak on this issue and air their own view about the case.

According to the family, the death of their father is very shocking and they are mourning the death of their father in pains. The family said that their father is just a Knight and he is not a SAINT, that people should stop discriminating the dead or the family. That every man must fail in any ways.

They also said that their father have been travelling various areas and he is always away from home, In this case 80% of men can cheat in this situation. They justify that their father is not the only man who have sleep with a prostitute or sleep with a lady in the hotel, that even Popes have slept with little boys. Leave our late father alone so that he can rest in peace.

Their final words, Don’t judge, so that you will not be judged.

This information was from a facebook user, who is close to the family , his name is Ena Ofugara on facebook.

Share your thought on this matter. Is their reason good or are they trying to protect their late father?

comment please and share.

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