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Samklef reveals most stupid thing he has ever done

Nigerian music producer, Samuel chukwujindu oguachuba aka Samklef has revealed that the most stupid thing he has ever done on social media, was to exchange words with Wizkid.

Samklef reveals most stupid thing he has ever done
Samklef reveals most stupid thing he has ever done
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The Wizkid Samklef beef was one of the most talked-about topics in the Nigerian music industry. Samklef accused the “Fever” singer of always belittling him during interviews.

Recall that Samklef had a while back lashed out at the singer for not acknowledging him and his role in his music career.

In an old interview with Saturday Beats, the producer who is also singer said:

I am part of Wizkid’s history whether he likes it or not and he cannot write his story without mentioning my name. I have always respected Wizkid’s hustle from day one. He has a strong will. So far so good, we have settled the misunderstanding between us in 2015 after one of my trips from America.

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“We are all busy now, so I am no longer worried about whatever people say because at the end of the day, we all have our journey in life and success is the most important thing. I am no longer bitter at Wizkid, the past is gone.”

The beef went on for years but all Wizkid had to say was that he had nothing but respect for Samklef. The two settled their beef amicably and are now best of friends but Samklef is still remorseful about all the nasty things he said about the singer.

See below:

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