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Top Nigerian Fashion Trends In 2019

The year 2019 came with another big bang in the Nigerian fashion industry. As always, Africans create a unique identity for themselves in virtually every aspect of living – from fashion to entertainment and even technology – thereby preserving culture and heritage. Nigerians in particular have taken advantage of the art of fashion to showcase our vast cultural identity and creativity.

Fashion trends all over the world come and go every season, with fresh new ideas and styles taking over stores and boutiques. The top fashion trends described below are what Nigerian fashionistas are rocking this year, 2019. Don’t be left out, see what is trending and get new ideas!

Cold shoulder dresses/tops

It’s show off your shoulders season! The cold shoulder trend simply came out of the popular off-shoulder style but this time, with a creative spin on it. Designers have created an upgrade which not only exposes the shoulder but cuts out the stress that comes with the need to constantly readjust the off-the-shoulder top. Most of the pieces feature cutouts meant to highlight just the shoulder. The trend is so easy to wear and universally flattering.

Ankara cold shoulder dress
Ankara cold shoulder dress
Ankara cold shoulder dress

Prints Clash

Gone are the days when wearing prints and patterns and colours that don’t exactly “match” was a fashion taboo. Nowadays, fashionistas have embraced the mismatching of prints and patterns to apply eccentricity to their style, especially with the unending variety of Ankara designs that keep appearing. Clashing of prints was a hot trend in Nigerian fashion in 2017. and is even hotter this 2018!

Ankara prints clash
Prints clash

Ankara Jackets/Kimono

Easy to make and comfortable to wear, the Ankara Kimono jacket is one of the latest wardrobe staples trending this season with no seeming intention of fading anytime soon.

Ankara kimono jacket
Nigerian fashion trend
Ankara Kimono

Dashiki Prints

The Dashiki fabric has become one of the most widely accepted representation of African culture in the world of fashion. Made and worn in any and every style – as a jacket, dress, pants, jewelry, bags, shoes, etc., – this lasting trend makes a bold statement of identity among Africans while making one look fab at the same time!

dashiki dress
dashiki shirt
dashiki dress

Ripped Jeans

Although the ripped jeans trend has been on since the 80s, they are even more charming than they used to be, with new styles and  newer ways to wear them. Worn with a pair of killer heels or a pair of sneakers, you can wear the look of tomboy casual or bad girl glam in ripped jeans pretty easily.

Ripped jeans
Nigerian fashion
ripped jeans trend

You see the way Nigerian fashionistas follow the latest trends in the fashion industry and combine them with our native designs to create a whole new style? Creative! These five top fashion trends should get you inspired enough to get you started on some new wardrobe options. Brace yourself as fashion in 2018 is also waiting to come in with a big bang!

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