The feeling of winning the pageant is still new to the queen as she’s still living in the moment but we can say she’s putting plans in place to take over the fashion and modelling world.

Nyekachi Douglas warmed us with her presence and her kind personality on Monday, 31st of October, 2019 and we were totally pleased to have her. One of the attribute we think is unique to her is her smile, it lights up a room.

In an extensive chat with the beauty queen, she spoke about how she started her modelling career and her future in the fashion industry.

Nyekachi started her modelling career as a volunteer [Credit: Pulse NG]

The first question Nyekachi was asked about her lifestyle was when she started her modelling career professionally.

“It would be when I came to Nigeria. Back in school, all the modelling jobs I did in school, I volunteered. I spent 4 years of my life volunteering for every fashion show I can find.” She said.

The beauty queen mentioned that she came to Nigeria so she can do it for the culture despite modelling in the U.S.

“I love my family and i like being close to my family. I had to come back home because it’s different when i’m doing it here than doing it there. The joy of doing this for my country cannot be quantified and the difference is amazing when i’m doing it for my country.” She said enthusiastically.

When Nyekachi was crowned, she spoke about the challenges she went through before she could participate in the beauty pageant. In the interview, she highlighted the challenges and how she surmounted them.

Nyekachi faced many challenges on her journey on becoming the queen [Credit: Pulse NG]

“On my journey here, I tried to plan everything in details. From the dresses, shoes and the designers that I will be wearing but the funds i was expecting to do this all this didn’t come through as planned. That made me very sad because I put too much effort to get everything to look A1 and to be A1. It’s also made me not want to go on because I want to go when it’s perfect. But I realized i’ll never be ready enough so i just need to go for it and stop being my own stumbling block.” She said passionately.

We also asked Nyekachi that one accessory she can’t live without. You would be shocked at her response.

“Actually, it’s my natural hair but clearly now i’m living without it. But i really like when i have my natural hair on.” She giggled.

On her modelling career, Nyekachi highlighted some designers she’ll like to work with and her plans for the future after her reign as the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria.

Nyekachi would like to work with big names in the fashion industry [Credit: Pulse NG]

“I’ll really like to work with Mai Atafo, Balmain, Versace and I see myself doing the Victoria Secret fashion show. I hope they don’t stop it. They better not stop before I get on it”. She said.

Also the beauty queen expressed her love for fashion and her plans to take over the fashion industry. She was asked about her future in fashion designing and what she wants to do in fashion.

“As a tall girl, my body proportions are different. My waist are tiny and my hips are wide. It’s always difficult to get my perfect dress and shoe size. So I want to make dresses that fits everyone of every size and shape.” She giggled.

As the Miss World pageant which set to hold in London draws closer, we wish Nyekachi the best and we hope she brings home the crown.