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29 Cute Hair Colors with Trending Styles and Pictures [2019]

hair colouring hairstyles

Are you looking for cute hair colors? Changing the color of your hair is an excellent way of enhancing your look. In order to warm up your face, try adding gold highlights. If you are in a wild mood then some green streaks can do the trick. Some women like their hair color so much that they want it to be permanent. Others are having fun while changing their hair colors. For instance, Rihanna often changes her hair color depending on her present mood. She wore blonde, fiery red, raven and more. For a bolder look, go for an ombre hairstyle with color.

Cute Hair Colors and Styles with Images

Here you’ll discover the latest hair color trends that will get you inspired and feel excited about changing your looks!

Red Hair Colors

pretty red hair colors

Though some resent being born with natural red hair, others love the bright colorful hue.

Color Ideas for Dark Hair

hair color ideas for dark hair

Others feel afraid of trying out vibrant colors. However, if the process is done right the result is all worth it.

Natural Hair Colors

pretty natural hair colors

With coloring your hair, you can also try the popular balayage to give life to your crowning glory.

Apricot Hair Color

apricot hair color

Tired of the usual blonde, brown, and red shades? Then give the apricot hair color a chance!

Hair Color for Brunettes

fall hair colors for brunettes

Adding warm tones to your mane makes your hair look more attractive.

Highlights for your Hair

hair colour highlights

Sometimes having just one color on your locks is dull. You can add zest to your locks by adding highlights to it.

Fall Hair Colors For Blondes

fall hair colors for blondes

Whether you pick Ombre or Balayage, the result is always a sight to behold.

Cute Hair Color For Long Hair

Cute Blonde Hair Colors

Coloring your hair takes a lot of courage.

Hair Color And Glasses

Cute Brown Hair Colors
Originally posted by pinterest

Really love this!!! And her cute glasses too!!!

Korean Cute Hair Colors

Cute Dark Hair Colors

Searching for the right hair color will greatly depend on your skin tone.

Pretty Brown Hair Colors

Cute Fall Hair Colors
Originally posted by thinkfuse

It’s best to look for a skilled hair coloring expert to do your hair color.

Cute Dark Red Hair Colors

Cute Hair Colors

Hair coloring method is designed for the purpose of creating natural highlights.

Cute Hair Colors For Brunettes

Cute Hair Colors 2016

If you have brown skin or dark skin then you can use caramel highlights in coloring your hair.

Delicate Balayage For Medium Length Hair

Cute Hair Colors For Blondes

Balayage is a French method of hair coloring. This latest dye trend is becoming popular all over the world.

Cute Hair Color Ideas For Short Hair

Cute Hair Colors For Brown Eyes

Freshen up your look with this trendy hair color.

Sexy Red And Black Emo Hairstyles

Cute Hair Colors For Curly Hair

Emo hairstyles are not only for musical artists but also for those who are into fashion.

Cute Hair Color Ideas For Brown Hair

Cute Hair Colors For Brunettes

Brown hair can be lightened like honey or darkened like chocolate.

Beautiful Blonde Hairstyles

Cute Hair Colors For Medium Hair

If you have bright skin, don’t be hesitant in trying this color.

Cute Hair Colors For Brown Skin

Cute Hair Colors For Light Skin

The best hair color for women with dark skin tone is red, ombre, blonde and brown.

Ombre Hair Color Ideas

Cute Hair Colors For Short Hair

These colors are just too cute!

Fabulous Hair Colors For Redheads

Cute Hair Colors For Summer

Red hair is tremendously fabulous, especially when it’s shiny!

Blonde Hair Highlights

Cute Hair Colors For Tan Skin

Adding some caramel highlights can make your hair look even more beautiful.

Amazing Hair Color Ideas For Short Hair 

Cute Hair Colors Highlights

Want to go bold? Just apply purple highlights on your black hair.

Pink Light Brown Blue Hair Color Highlights 

Cute Hair Colors Tumblr

This look is ideal for ladies who are looking for a more exciting look!

Blonde Hair Color 

Cute Ombre Hair Colors

This hair color has a magic charm that can instantly change your look.

Auburn Hair Color

Cute Summer Hair Colors

Back when Miley Cyrus’ hair was long, it had an auburn color.

Green Dyed Hair

Green Dyed Hair

When you dye your hair with unnatural colors such as green, blue, pink and others, it will fade no matter what you do.

Hair Color Trends Katy Perry

Hair Color Trends Katy Perry

If you’re a brunette then you can lighten up your look by trying fun colors.

Different Types of Hair Color

When it comes to hair color, you can go for a permanent, temporary or semi-permanent. If you want an extreme change of your look then you can go for permanent color. This color can never be washed out. However, its intensity will gradually lessen over time. The semi-permanent color will not last longer compared to the permanent color. It can last up to three months and starts to fade away every time you apply some shampoo. The temporary color is frequently used as an enhancer. It can darken the natural color of your hair. After some washes, the color will fade away.

How To Dye Your Hair

Changing your hair color can completely transform your looks. However, going to a salon can be pricey. Here, we will give you a step-by-step tutorial on how you can color your hair at home.

  • Step One: You need to wash your hair 24 hours or 48 hours before you dye it. In order to retain the natural oils in your hair, do not use a conditioner.
  • Step Two: Choose a color that you love the most. If it’s your first time to dye then you can try temporary or semi-permanent dye.
  • Step Three: Hair dye can stain your clothes and everything around you. Make sure that they are all protected. Place a cape or a towel around your shoulders.
  • Step Four: Brush your hair to remove the tangles. It can also guarantee that the dye is evenly applied on the hair.
hair colors pictures highlights
  • Step Five: Mix the dye in a bowl, make sure that you wear gloves.
  • Step Six: Divide your hair into four equal parts.
  • Step Seven: Next, divide each section into smaller sections and start applying the hair dye.
  • Step Eight: Leave the hair for several minutes, depending on the instructions in the box.
  • Step Nine: When time is up, rinse your hair.
  • Step Ten: After an hour, wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner.
  • Step Eleven: Dry your hair. Now you’re ready to show off your new hair color to your friends!

Here’s a quick video showing you how to do it:

All your Hair Colouring Questions Answered

A lot of women are sending us messages regarding their hair colouring questions. Below we answer all queries we received. In case you have a question that we didn’t address here, just send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

What is the most popular hair color?
The most popular hair color will really depend on the place where you live. In a survey done in the United Kingdom, it shows that black and brown are the favored shade in that region.

Whereas, if you head to Japan, you will see lots of young adults favoring light brown or blonde hair. Meanwhile, Hollywood stars are likewise opting for the bleached hairdo. Many are now heading to their favorite salon and requesting to have their hair dyed blonde or even platinum blonde.

What’s the most attractive hair color on a girl?
In another survey done last 2018, it showed that a huge percentage of men prefer ladies with dark hair. The next favored shade is blonde then red hair.
What color of hair makes you look younger?
If you are planning to color your hair, opt for a shade that is lighter than what you normally go for. Keep in mind that varying sections of your mane will acquire distinctive levels of the shade you choose giving your locks lots of dimensions.

Moreover, remember that highlights must be skillfully placed. In choosing the shade for your highlights, what you should remember is warm colors adds to a youthful look. For instance, brunettes should choose caramel hues rather than ashy ones. Also, women with red hair should opt for copper tones rather than burgundy.

Which hair color brand is best?
You have many options if you want to color your hair at home. Some of the best brands you can choose are Garnier, L’Oreal, Clairol, and Vidal Sassoon.
Can you remove permanent hair dye?
For permanent hair dyes, your most reliable way of removing it is by using a color remover. Take note to promptly apply the mixed solution to your hair. After applying, wait for roughly twenty-five minutes before rinsing your mane with a clarifying shampoo.
Can vinegar take out hair dye?
While most people buy over-the-counter dye remover, these brands typically contain strong chemicals that can damage your hair. One way you can remove hair dye is by using a natural product like vinegar. However, if you have frail strands and delicate scalp it is best to consult your Dermatologist first before trying this method.

To use vinegar in removing the dye, the first step is to combine a fair amount of water and white vinegar. Once you have the mixture, pour it on your mane then cover it with a shower cap. Wait for fifteen to twenty minutes before washing your hair again.

If you thought that only celebrities can rock cute hair colors, think again. When seasons change, changing your makeup is a must. At the same time updating your hair color is also worth considering. What hair color do you think is the coolest? Let us know in the comments in order to get a free hair coloring consults from one of our hair stylists!

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