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#StyleTips: How To Style A High Waisted Pants and Blouse for Summer

Here’s a simple outfit for a hot summer day!

Mango High Waisted Pants

Mango High Waisted Pants

I totally feel like a little girl in this high waisted pants and denim outfit. Maybe I am just channelling my child persona. You want to know why? Just because my big brother travelled all the way to South Africa and bought me this super denim jacket from a South African brand after my heart.

For many of us, summertime means a switch to more casual outfits. This timeless vintage-inspired denim jacket is every fashionista’s dream. Denim jackets are so effortlessly cool and go with everything. Worn over prints, pants, dresses, shorts, or even denim. A denim jacket can elevate your summer outfit without sacrificing its easy, breezy vibe.

I know the weather is now warm and you may think this is no time for layering. Trust me, there are still some cool summer days. As expected your denim jacket will make just the perfect piece to accentuate your outfit. Therefore, on those cool summer days, a denim jacket will make a great, cosy layer, whether you’re dressing for a date, or going out with friends. It’s also a great way to cover up when you’re moving from the hot outdoors into air-conditioned inside spaces, such as the mall or a restaurant.

How To Style A High Waisted Pants And Denim Jeans

Steal the easy vibe of this trendy outfit that presents a faux denim look. With this denim jacket in a faded wash from South African brand, Godmother Clothing. Ideally, the high waisted grandma pants and matching floral top from Mango is so light weight and breezy, perfect for the summer. Besides, the sky blue pastel hue is also just the right shade to match the denim jacket in a streamlined faux denim-on-denim look.

Wear this cute summer outfit with stilletos, as pictured here, for a cool, going-out casual vibe. The outfit is also perfect for date night with the stilletos that create an alluring feminine look. Alternatively, this outfit could be styled with booties for a hardcore street-style look. Definitely, booties will be a great way to add a dose of girl-next-door style, to an otherwise demure feminine outfit. By all means, throw in a pop of color like this pink stylish clutch for some spunk and fun! Et viola!

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