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Regina Daniels spills out marital details in video, reveals texting ex-boyfriend

– Nollywood actress Regina Daniels revealed some personal details about herself in a new video

– Nollywood actress Regina Daniels revealed some personal details about herself in a new video

– For one, the screen diva confirmed her marital status and revealed the name of her crush

– Even more, she talked about the people she cherishes most in her life

Newly married actress Regina Daniels recently did an enlightening question tag video in which she revealed personal details about herself. She spoke of her crush, her loved ones, her secrets and gave vital marital updates.

First off, the screen diva disclosed that she has a crush on popular singer Burna Boy. According to her, one of his hits named Vampire was her favourite song. Moving on from this, she revealed that her middle name is Nne Amaka which means ‘mother is beautiful’.

She also went on to divulge that the last person she texted was Somadina, the actor who has often been referred to as her ex-boyfriend. When asked about her relationship status, Regina boldly confirmed that she is married.

Even more, Regina Daniels affirmed that she staunchly believes in love. In fact, she said that she is currently in love with someone.

Regina Daniels has always been one to cherish her siblings and loved ones. In this video, she showed more of this attribute by tagging her brother Sammy West as the one person she can trust.

She also acknowledged her best friend Casey whom she described vividly and teased in a friendly manner. Regina also gave details such as her eye colour, height, birthday period and her current mood.

See the video below:

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