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African Trade Beads

Tibetan Agate Stone Beads by

Tibetan Agate Stone Beads by theBeadChest.com


Antique African spindle whorls and silver from Rajasthan. The clay spindle whorls were used to make cotton thread and yarn from wool. This is a technology that pre-dates the spinning wheel.

african jewelry / fall jewelry / bracelet / multi by ShagbarkRoad, $36.00

African King Beads from Ghana by theBeadChest.com

African trade bead necklace Ghana recycled by AfricanEchoesJewelry, $45.00

by Anne Marie | Senegal ‘or du pays’ and transparent Dutch Dogon glass beads from the 1700s (African Trade Beads) | BeadArt Austria.

Traditional Waist Bead Belt made with African Krobo Beads from Ghana | $24

Strawstack Krobo Beads from Ghana by theBeadChest.com | $10

Necklace made with African beads including Baule Brass, Ghana Brass, Nigerian Brass, Mustard Vinyl Heishi and semiprecious stone.

Mali Clay Spindle & African Clay Beads by theBeadChest.com

African Inspired Tribal Yellow White Heart Beads and other African Trade Beads Kianga

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