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African Trade Beads

Etched Jade Stone Beads by | $32

Etched Jade Stone Beads by TheBeadChest.com | $32


Makena Beaded Strand made with African Vinyl Heishi Beads and Ethiopian Wollo Ring – anthropologie.com by Jolie Altman

Necklace made with Large White Kenya Bone, Black Vinyl Beads, and Mali Wedding Beads.

Inlaid Ebony & Bone Beads from Tanzania by theBeadChest.com

Necklace made with African beads including Baule Brass, Ghana Brass, Nigerian Brass, Mustard Vinyl Heishi and semiprecious stone.

Unique ethnic jewelry and tribal jewelry — Dorje Designs

By Sandra Francour. | ‘Heart of Africa’ Necklace. Baule lost-wax brass pendant is combined with venetian glass beads including French Cross Beads, King Beads & More from the African trade period, som

African White Heart Beads from Ghana by theBeadChest.com

Amhara, Ethiopia – amulet necklace

Necklace made with old Mali Clay Dogon Spindle Beads and one Blue Chevron.

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Antique African spindle whorls and silver from Rajasthan. The clay spindle whorls were used to make cotton thread and yarn from wool. This is a technology that pre-dates the spinning wheel.

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