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Babies are so cute!! and almost every woman can’t wait to have a mini me. I remember when I was little, my two mums loved to dress me and my little sister up in fancy clothes, our hair used to be adorned with beads and we used to wear those cute socks that came with bows, my mum has never been much of a party goer but she loved to sew us styles with matching Ankara or guinea fabric (when there is an extra cloth remaining). I don’t know and I can’t say if this has had an effect on my thought process but one thing is for sure, When I have a mini me I would dress my child in the best.

On the gram, there are so many proud mothers that have not only dressed their little one’s in the best but have also created style pages in their name. I love this mums, because they ensure that their babies look even better than they do. I’ve never understood (and can never) mothers that dress up so glamorously and their kids look shabby and unkempt (yes guys we’ve got mothers like that) I feel that they should be arrested because in my mind they do not even take care of the physical and basic needs of the child.

Every mother knows to put her child first, it is a natural instinct all animals have and so it shouldn’t surprise you that these mums believe that both they and their children have to look glamorous at a wedding event in other words they buy into the mother & child aso ebi style idea, because why not.

When you look good and your mini looks better the compliments you get might even overwhelm you and it should because you are serving an overdose of cuteness. Check out some mother & child aso ebi style pictures that we’ve compiled just for you;






Which of these mother & child aso ebi style do you like best? Tell us in the comment section below.

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