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Hey Lovelies

There are so many decisions that we have to make everyday and ranking as one of the top one’s is the question “do I look my best”; technically we shouldn’t have to ask ourselves this question however we find ourselves waking up in the morning and wondering whether we are going to look awesome.

This thoughts are so tasking; trust me I know, the days I forget to plan my outfit I spend all morning looking for what to wear, and then I miss breakfast because am already running late. Fashion girls (even non fashion girls) should endeavor to plan their outfits before hand especially before Sunday mornings.

Your Sunday mornings should be spent preparing for church, fully energized rather than rummaging through your wardrobe looking for the right and appropriate look for service. Now, there is the other question that we find ourselves wondering about sometimes and this is “how to be stylish” especially when it comes to church outfit’s. Since we strive for perfection, it is always better to have a check list that we can follow, this checklist is the guide that we need on how to be stylish to church without harming anybodies senses.

The style checklist for any other day of the week is a far cry from that of Sunday; this is because churches have certain spoken and unspoken rules about them, a pastor would say “if you feel the need to drag down your skirt every time then you shouldn’t wear it to church”. From this statement alone you can clearly see that the checklist would most certainly be different:

Lets go over a few points shall we;

  • Fitted but not too or extremely tight.
  • Below, knee light or slightly above the knee.
  • Deep V’s or plunging necklines are banned
  • Too tight pants/trousers is a No No
  • Boubou’s and caftans are best
  • Blings and jewelries are too be minimal

Okay… the list is long and would get longer if I continued… Lets just sum it up with one word MODEST, and so find below church outfit ideas that sum up the word.


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Folake Kuye Huntoon

Folake Kuye

What your take? Which look do you like best? Tell us in the comment section below.


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