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Have A Hot Date? These Hairstyles Will Definitely Leave Your Man Speechless!

Life is too short to have boring hair.

We all want to look drop dead gorgeous when going on a date with our man right? But at times your whole outfit slays then your hair lets you down, I mean you have a whack hairstyle and you don’t look like the whole package. Sorry not sorry but I got you, sis. Your hair needs to look extra good and in place. You need to turn heads when you walk up to that restaurant girlfriend.

Our top 4 hairstyles for your next date:
1. Turbans

Get with it and tie up that turban. Turbans are a form of protective styles and come in when you are having a bad hair day or you just want to switch it up. To make it more interesting don’t go for plain coloured scarfs, instead tie your turban using fun print fabric you’ll definitely wow your date.

hair on dates kenya zumi girls

2. Jumbo Twists

Have a sexy hairdo with jumbo twists the next time you are called out on a date. Braids are so much fun and can make your whole outfit look great! The great thing about having jumbo braids is you can either let them fall or you can hold them in a high bun. Ensure you accessorize for that overall look.

hair on dates kenya zumi girls

3. Natural hair with extensions

Lay your hair just right and you can create a full effect by adding some extensions to your ponytail and you’ll be looking like a melanin queen. You can achieve this look with Eco styler gel for them edges. With this look, you can heavily accessorize your outfit everything is being shown off sis.

hair on dates kenya zumi girls

4. Pixie Cuts

You can look hella cute with this pixie cut hairstyle. Your date will not let you breathe! Pixie cuts make you automatically look grown. With this look make sure your makeup is popping since your face will be the key focus.

hair on dates kenya zumi girls

Well there you have it! Which hairstyle will you settle for on your next date?

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