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Sophia Momodu And Davido Back Together After Fight?

Nigerian singer Davido was in a fight some days ago with his first baby mama after they fought dirty publicly, but they have put away their differences as they were spotted together.

Their daughter who turned a year older was the reason this two were once seen in a happy state together after a while.

To honor and celebrate their daughter Imada, Davido and Sophia were spotted together at Imada’s school as they celebrated her birthday.

This is coming after Davido had celebrated his second daughter’s birthday that turned one some days ago at Atlanta in the United States of America.

Just few days ago, Sophia and Davido were on social media throwing shades at each other. This was after Sophia Momodu claimed her Instagram account was hacked, even though fans felt she deleted it due to heavy trolls she got after her baby daddy bought his girlfriend Chioma a Porsche car as an assurance of his love for her.

Shading his baby mama, Davido took to social media where he mocked her excuse of being hacked. This shade made Sophia Momodu fire back by telling him to go play with his b*tch, which everyone knew she was referring to Chioma.

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