Jan 25, 2018


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How do you feel when you hear the beat blasting from the speakers… Yeah that’s right you want to burst a move or two. Well you know when you are for the taken you feel alive, you feel the flow but wait a minute whats that stopping you from getting in the groove?

What you wear this weekend is tantamount to where you would be headed, if you are going to be getting down then you know you need something that flows and is flirty and if you are headed for a restaurant, lounge opening etc then you know you need a more classic and poise piece.

As it turns out we have everything you would need for the weekend right here, we strictly believe that your weekend should be occupied with the Ankara casual styles. We believe that you can connect to these Ankara casual styles, whether you are parting and ting or you are supporting a friend… Whatever it is you are doing, you ought to feel good in what you are wearing and thus the reason for this look-book.

The Ankara doesn’t reach any limit, it is versatile and it surprises you all the time. I know your appetite for the right Ankara casual styles for the weekend has been piqued so without further ado check out these lovely weekend Ankara casual styles;








This Ankara look-book has a back and forth flow; many of the styles above are sassy yet classy, boisterous but chill and that’s what I love most about the Ankara fabric, there’s a lot you can achieve with it.

What are your thoughts? I know you have some… Share them in the comment section below.

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