Jan 20, 2018


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Coming across so many natural hair beauty personalities,  I’ve come to realize that they love to have a hairstyle that looks cute, chic and at the same time easy to do. As much as it may be relaxing to have a hairstylist do your hair, some of us just don’t have the time, coins, or trust to leave our hair in someone else’s hands. If it happens that you are anything like that, I know you’d love it when you see a natural hairstyle tutorial that you can easily do successfully.

Regardless of your hair type, you have to have a set actions that you must consistently do to achieve your hair goals, even if your goal is to have short healthy hair.

4C natural hair can be considered as ‘special’, depending on who you talk to, but the truth is it is just curly hair that needs to be cared for in a certain way, just like any other hair type. In caring for it, you choose various styles you can make on it. Once you figure out what your 4C natural hair needs, all you have to apply is the consistency and the focus pieces of the mantra and you will have a successful hair journey.

There are tons of tutorials out on YouTube that are there for us viewers to try ourselves. However, let’s be honest.  Some of these tutorials are not so easy to do, or are not so clear to follow. However here are natural hairstyles that would serve as a guide in styling your natural hair;

4C Natural hair

Watch this video on the easy 4c natural hairstyles;

Source: MeMe Amor

These styles are cute, as they cause heads to turn!

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