Oct 1, 2017

[Wedding] How to appear chic & fabulous in clothing wax? (30 models)

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Have you ever been invited to a wedding and feel stressed about not knowing what to wear?

Just remember this golden rule: « NEVER dress in white or ivory when invited to a wedding ».

If you have not yet consulted our article « (5 things you should never wear to a wedding, it’s time to read it and discover the types of outfits that go very badly at a wedding.

Nowadays, it is very trendy to dress in wax loincloth when invited to a wedding in Africa but also in Europe and the USA.

If you must then attend a wedding of friends soon, it’s time to discover the latest trends in outfits to be beautiful in loincloth at a wedding.

They are of different kinds, but if you really want to look chic and fabulous, we advise you to wear something long, with an agreeable cut and feminine patterns.


Here are some suggestions that will most certainly inspire you!

1. The evening dress

Evening dresses (sirens, flared or straight) in loincloth can be put for special occasions like a wedding, a gala evening etc …

They are very trendy and will give you a lot of chic and elegance.

Do not hesitate to mix your loincloth with other materials such as lace, tulle or linen, in plain colors.

Discover below several models of wedding dress.

tenue africaine femmeCrédit:@berlamundi

model de pagne pour jeune filleCrédit:@ms_asoebi

modele de robe en pagne pour mariageCrédit:@cynthiamichaelsfashion_

modele de robe en pagne pour mariageCrédit:@deenee_photography

If you opt for a mixture of prints, repeat the colors. Prints on your loincloths must have at least one color in common.

The colors must not be perfectly identical but sufficiently close to be supposed to marry.


Avoid overly large accessories in gold or silver, and instead opt for accessories in the same loincloth (headdress or turban …)

Layered dress model | Credit: @linejaber


Apply a sober makeup, in the same tones as your loincloth.

Avoid make-up too flashy, at the risk of appearing too vulgar and erase all the chic side of the outfit.

2. Short dresses with a length below the knee

If you opt for a short dress, it should ideally have a length below the knee and sewn into a loincloth with plain patterns.

Do not hesitate to access it with gold or silver jewelery and wear shoes with heels to give you more height and pace.

Modèle de robe en pagne | Crédit:@afuarida


3. The wax loincloth set

A beautiful camisole with a skirt or pants, is a perfect outfit for a wedding.

Try incorporating ruffles on the bottom of the camisole to give it a glamorous and festive effect.

ensemble pagne jupe et hautCrédit:@mariechristinebeugre

ensemble pagne jupe et hautCrédit:@Stylistagh


ensemble pagne jupe et hautCrédit:@9naijabrides

modele de reve ensemble pagneCrédit:@ankarawoman



Modèle de rêve ensemble pagne | Crédit: Gilles Touré Côte d’Ivoire

Modèle de reve ensemble pagne | Crédit:@lindisparkus

4. The jumpsuit in loincloth

The jumpsuit in loincloth is perfect for a wedding, provided to choose colors not frightening and festive motifs.

Try to put originality in the sleeves (steering wheel or puffing) and avoid the pants too long that could crowd you.

If possible, wear heeled shoes. They will give more style to the outfit.

robe en pagneCrédit:@Yemialade

belle en pagne


5. Styles to Avoid

Avoid mixtures of loincloth with garish colors


Avoid dresses too short


Avoid dresses too short


Avoid some accessories in loincloth


Avoid the clothes that you could put in your daily life, for example for an outing with your friends …



Avoid shading the bride with a beautiful dress from great designer

Crédit: Gilles Touré Côte d’Ivoire


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